2023 Awards Evening

This year's awards evening was held on Saturday 22nd April along with a party buffet and quiz.

The Rode Hall Silver Band celebrated a number of major milestones, handing out our newly pressed Long Service badges issued to 5, 10, 20 and 30 year service players. The commitment individuals have shown to this band is outstanding and worthy of celebration, particularly our Chair, Victoria Sherwood, who has played for the band for 34 years and our Band Manager, Steve Twemlow, who has played non-stop for an incredible 42 years and received the great honour of becoming a 'Lifetime Member'! Thanks to all those who have committed so much time and effort to keep this band alive for over 186 years.

Here are a few photographs from the evening

Our new badges celebrating 5, 10, 20 and 30 years of service
Joseph Whitehurst was the very worthy recipient of our 'Most Improved Player'
Our Chairman, Vicky Sherwood, received the first ever badge recognising over 30 years playing in the band!

Other awards went to Dave Giannasi - band person of the year (including the Graham Tilley Cup); Thomas Conibere - best newcomer; Liam Mosedale - junior most improved player; Brian Rogers - band manager’s award

Long service awards were presented as follows:

5 years service - Donna Bates, Simon Greasby, Stephen Holdcroft, Sue Howell, Cari Latham, Steve Moore Steve Neville, Katharine Slater, Mike Walker and Emma Wild.

10 years service - Nick Brown, Nigel Butler, Charlotte Danford, Dave Giannasi, Mike McCann, Anna Whitehurst, Michael Whitehurst and Nick Wright

A very special 'Lifetime Member' award was presented to Steve Twemlow for 40 years service! Pictured here with Vicky Sherwood and Dave Giannasi

Many congratulations to all!